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About this Add-ons

    TrustDocs is Google Document Add-ons is a Part of Thesis Examination for Master's Degree studying in Research Project Of Chulalongkorn University, Thailand which would like to propose and motivate the Users and Organisations to migrate his/their owns resources such as sensitive information or Infrastructure move to Cloud Computing Environment.

    This Google Docs Add-ons is propose the best principle of security and privacy major concern about the leakage of confidential data. Cryptography is the best choice also to resolve this major problem which end users do not need to be worries the difficulty of owns Keys management. We propose the automatically keys management including keys generation, distribution and expiration in case boost force attack from possibly Cloud Provider or Man in the Middle attack which be resolved by 2-way cryptography.

    TrustDocs is just the beginning name in trial version. Possibly to change the suitable Google Docs Add-ons name in the future. But this add-ons must be Free with no any paid and donate condition for All Google Apps Service Members.

Mohammadshareefuddin Salash-arong

Student of Master Degree

Department of Computer Engineering

Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University


Tel. +66969964559